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Pray... Faithfully

Breath Prayer for this week...
“Jesus, help me hear and follow you.”

Called to PrayerWelcome to "Prayfaithfully," the prayer ministry web site of the Northern Great Lakes Synod. Take a look around and see all that's happening in prayer ministries.

Check out the links to the left for a variety of resources including a prayer calendar, devotions, photos of prayer ministries throughout the synod, and links to other resources around the ELCA and beyond.

Things to note:

• Directions on creating a "prayer banner" for your congregation. See the "Ideas for Congregation" page.

• A weekly "breath prayer," at the top of this page. What's a breath prayer? A prayer – usually using a phrase from scripture – you can say in one breath. Copy it down and carry it with you, or commit it to memory – and say the prayer during the week – in line at the grocery store, stuck at a traffic light, or just over a cup of coffee! And check back next week for a new breath prayer!

• Daily devotions are also available in the box above – as well as devotions for the past year in the archive. Read…reflect…and pray!

Thanks for visiting. We welcome your feedback and your ideas on prayer. Let us know if you have any good resources that we can share with others!

"A Year of Prayer...a Lifetime of Praying"

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