Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry in the Northern Great Lakes Synod

Mission statement for the Northern Great Lakes Synod's Youth & Family Ministry is:
"This synod supports congregational youth & family ministry through Christ-centered resources, ideas, and powerful ministry events."

Welcome to the Youth Ministry page for the Northern Great Lakes Synod of the ELCA!

We have a lot of exciting opportunities for the young people in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northeast Wisconsin.

We also offer special activities and training events for our youth leaders - clergy, lay, and volunteers alike.

Contact Pastor Katherine Finegan at for more information.


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ELCA Youth Gathering July 15-19, 2015 Detroit, MI

It’s all very exciting!!!  Don’t miss this incredible opportunity for a faith-deepening, group building, justice proclaiming, fellowship gushing and love overflowing event!

Some dates to remember:
September 15:  Registration soft opening.  Leaders may enter data.
October 15:  Website goes live.  Primary leaders can submit registrations
January 15, 2015:    Registration fee increases $50, from $325 to $375.

If your church is interested in riding a Synod Bus to the Gathering (leave on Tuesday July 14, return Sunday July 19, 2015) please call the Synod Office at 906-228-2300 or email Rev. Katherine Finegan at  She is the NGLS Gathering Synod Coordinator and Synod Day Director.  The cost of the bus will be split between those who ride it.  The Synod will provide T-shirts for all NGLS participants for our Synod Day!  

Places to find more information:
   Facebook page ELCA Youth Gathering

Young people and adults who engage in the ministry of the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering will learn that as individuals, as communities, as a collective humanity, we are called and claimed as characters in and witness to God’s divine story, a story that always moves through the cross to the resurrection.  They will be touched by God’s story unfolding in Detroit.  They will return home more aware of their place in God’s story, a story enhanced by the stories of others, especially those who are different from them.  Ultimately, young people will be encouraged to see themselves as essential witnesses to God’s story in the world as they learn to proclaim the beginning of the good news in and through their lives of discipleship, a discipleship marked by their baptismal promises to:

  • LIVE among God’s faithful people,
  • HEAR the word of God and share in the Lord’s supper,
  • PROCLAIM the good news of God in Christ through words and deed,
  • SERVE all people, following the example of Jesus,
  • STRIVE for justice and peace in all the earth.  (ELW, page 236)