Always Being Made NewAlways Being Made New

In 2014, the ELCA announced a new four year campaign that would provide financial resources to both Synods and the Global ELCA to inspire and support renewal.  Generated funds would be split between local and a more worldwide, greater Church focus.

The Campaign so far…

Year                    Campaign Focus                                             Funds Received

ELCA         Renewing and New Congregations            $10,265. 24
Synod        Fortune Lake Camp/ Barrier Free efforts            $10,265. 25

ELCA         Global Hunger                                            $7071.90
Synod        Local Hunger Grants to Congregations      $7571.91

ELCA         Global Church/ Tanzanian missionaries
Synod        Companion Congregations with ELCT

ELCA         Leadership: Fund for Leaders, Young Adults
Synod        Campus Ministry in the NGLS

Barrier Free GrantBarrier Free Grant Report – January 2017
For hands free doors at Bethany, Ishpeming

Forward thinking people back in the 1960’s and 70’s did much to make Bethany, Ishpeming handicapped accessible with the worship space, fellowship hall, kitchen and classrooms all being on one level, no steps or stairs.  One thing lacking though was easy entrance for anyone with mobility issues.  Heavy, difficult to open doors at the main entrance were a major obstacle.  The possibility of receiving grant money from the synod helped to move us forward on the installation of automatic doors.


Now, with the project completed, for anyone using a walker or wheelchair, or just someone carrying things, entrance is much easier.

Siloa Lutheran has become Barrier-Free

Harold S. Riter, Reporting

Several years ago, the Church Council of the Siloa Lutheran Church made the decision to replace the old front steps of the Church building with a barrier-free ramp design to make the worship space accessible to those with mobility problems. This innovative design resulted in incorporating a wide ramp combined with a larger and more welcoming entry solved one problem, but the Church was not yet fully accessible, especially the restrooms and fellowship hall in the basement.

Thanks to a donation of an Acorn chair lift from Tina Aho,  the craftsmanship of Allan Kaikko and his crew, and  a grant from the Always Being Made New initiative of the Northern Great Lakes Synod, the  chair lift was put in place some weeks ago.

In order to install the lift, the stairs to the basement area had to be widened, and the donated chair-lift had to be reconfigured to run on the opposite side of a stair well than it had been originally made for. Al Kaikko saw the way to adapt the lift to run on the space available and now it is possible for those who have problems negotiating stairs to access the restrooms, kitchen area, and fellowship hall.

Siloa Lutheran has become Barrier-Free

Siloa, the “Little Church on the Corner” has taken a major step to becoming more inclusive and welcoming to all in the community.  This is in keeping with the motto, “God’s Work, Our Hands.”

Hunger Grant Recipient Stories

Holy Cross Lutheran, Baraga

The community of Baraga is located on an Indian Reservation and is home to many low income families.  The primary ministry of Holy Cross is feeding the hungry and providing a space for fellowship.  The congregation hosts a monthly soup supper eight times a year, a women’s banquet, the Holy Week Seder Meal, and a Harvest Dinner.  And of course they have kept alive the Lutheran tradition of potlucks after worship every second and fourth Sundays!

Hunger Grant Recipient StoriesA few years ago our refrigerator died.  We had been using a borrowed garage refrigerator from a parishioner, which was inefficient and small.  It was time to get a new refrigerator!  The volunteer effort for purchasing this refrigerator involved investigating other certified kitchens; the needed requirements for the State of Michigan; and what needed to be done to install it.  The refrigerator was delivered to a parishioner’s place of business, then loaded on a truck and brought to Holy Cross.  It took four men to unload it, take it down a flight of stairs to the fellowship hall, and get it through the kitchen door.  The refrigerator doors were removed along with the kitchen door frame in order to get it into the kitchen.  It barely squeezed through!

This new refrigerator not only meets our immediate needs but it is one that takes us into future mission.  We envision a certified kitchen that would allow us more potential to meet the needs of our community by cooking onsite.  We have been very blessed to receive this grant in order to bless others!

Pastor Julie Belew

Bethany Lutheran, Ishpeming

Meet Up Eat UpThe $600 grant helped support the Ishpeming School District’s first summer feeding program “Meet Up and Eat Up.”  Our goal was to assist in meeting the nutritional needs of low-income families during the summer months.

This was the first effort of a summer feeding program.  It was well received and utilized.  Food was provided for six weeks for an average of 31 students and 5 adults per day.  The school lunch program does an excellent job of providing nutritional lunches during the school year but many children face hunger issues when school is not in session.  This is one way to help.  We hope to be involved in future efforts.  The need is so great.

Rae Elliot, Social Ministry Board

Prince of Peace Lutheran, Eagle River

GrantThis generous hunger grant was used to help launch the Northland Pines High School food “Locker” program.  We are grateful and blessed to receive funds benefiting our less fortunate students.  Your partnership in our ministry project is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Bev Epping, Prince of Peace Lutheran
“Locker” and Backpack Chair

Trinity Lutheran, Ishpeming

BackpackThank you!  We are very blessed.  Our continuing program to provide weekend food packs for students in need in the NICE District and the Republic-Michigamme District will begin again in early October.  Our numbers doubled from 34 at our beginning in March, 2016 to 79 by the end of the school year in June, 2017.  This grant will pay for approximately 3-4 weeks!

Gail Brazeau, Patriot Packs Organizer

First Lutheran, Gladstone

Hope At The InnOur area’s traveling homeless shelter is called Hope at the Inn.  The shelter travels from one church to another during the colder months.  The NGLS grant money, which we were able to more than match at a community luncheon held in September, will be used to purchase items such as inflatable beds, sheets, pillows, or any other type of items needed by the shelter.  The money may also be used to purchase items to set up an apartment for those clients who may be ready to go out on their own.  The shelter works closely with a social worker who tries to get the clients independent and no longer in need of a shelter, including helping them find a job.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to apply for the Always Being Made New Hunger Grant.  Our fund-raising effort can make a real difference for those who are homeless.  We will continue to support Hope at the Inn.

Ann Christiansen

Holy Trinity Lutheran, Chassell

Holy Trinity Lutheran, ChassellThe 31 Back Packs program now supports 195 children in Houghton and Keweenaw Counties, giving them food each Friday.  The food is always a peanut butter and jam sandwich, two pieces of fruit, cereal, oatmeal, mac and cheese, along with other food items that can be obtained within the budget.  Two people from Holy Trinity, along with volunteers from Gloria Dei Lutheran and the community make sandwiches at Gloria Dei (Hancock) every other week.  We usually make between 200 and 220 sandwiches each time.  Another group makes sandwiches in Calumet.  Then the 195 backpacks are assembled at Glad Tidings Church in Hancock.  Backpacks are then picked up by volunteers and driven to 15 locations.

The congregations of Holy Trinity, Gloria Dei, and Grace Lutheran in South Range continue to work to raise funds to support this ongoing program.  Cost for each backpack is approximately $7.  This project feeds hungry children on the weekends and has had a great impact on the community and the lives of the children.

Carole Simila
Volunteer, Holy Trinity Lutheran

Faith CalumetFaith Lutheran Church, Calumet

Faith Lutheran Church had the honor or receiving $500.00 Hunger Grant with a matching $500.00 from our matching congregation funds this Fall.

This money was used to fund food expenses at The Community Meal in Calumet, at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Calumet, along with clergy and lay leadership of the CLK Council of Churches. Each month the meal is served to about 100 people. Regular guests include senior citizens who live alone and welcome an opportunity to eat with others, men from a local residential substance abuse treatment facility, and others who self-identify as in need of a meal. Meals are also delivered to women and their children who have sought safe haven from domestic violence at the Barbara Kettle Gundlach Shelter. There are also meals delivered to homes in need. Currently there are about 7 families that get meals delivered.

Our goal is to provide ongoing support for this meal. This Grant money was used to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to all participates. There is a different theme each month for a duration of 10 to 12 months (as long as the money exists). Each month one fresh fruit or vegetable will be provided to every participate who attends the meal or is delivered to their home.

NoteVolunteers for this meal preparation, service, and delivery varies (ranging from 7 to 15). Calculation were based on 10 months of meals with 15 volunteers:

Serving: 37.5 hours/meal x 10 meals = 375 hours (15 volunteers, 2.5 hours/volunteer for setup, serving, and cleanup) Ordering, delivering, and preparing food: 12 hours/meal x 10 meals = 120 hours (2 volunteers, 6 hours/volunteer)

Total volunteer hours for 10 meals: 495

Currently the impact on the community is five different churches working together to provide a much-needed service. Hopes for the future include expanding the meals to more people, making the meals healthier, and getting more people involved from the community.



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