Breath Prayer for the Week:

“Lord, guide me in your way of peace.”

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Welcome to “Prayfaithfully,”
the prayer ministry web site of the Northern Great Lakes Synod. Take a look around and see all that’s happening in prayer ministries.

Check out the links to the left for a variety of resources including a prayer calendar, devotions, photos of prayer ministries throughout the synod, and links to other resources around the ELCA and beyond

“A Year of Prayer…a Lifetime of Praying”

• Directions on creating a “prayer banner” for your congregation. See the “Ideas for Congregation” page.

• A weekly “breath prayer,” at the top of this page. What’s a breath prayer? A prayer – usually using a phrase from scripture – you can say in one breath. Copy it down and carry it with you or commit it to memory – and say the prayer during the week – in line at the grocery store, stuck at a traffic light, or just over a cup of coffee! And check back next week for a new breath prayer!

• Daily devotions are also available in the box above – as well as devotions for the past year in the archive. Read…reflect…and pray!