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A Year of Prayer

A Lifetime of Praying!

Prayer Calendar for March 2023


Pray for all who lead or participate in mid-week Lenten worship and other activities.  May this journey lead them to greater faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.


Pray for the gift of literacy. When we read, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow light to enter our lives. Pray that through reading, we light a spark for change where it is most needed. 


Pray for our pastors who celebrate birthdays this month: Julie Belew (3/03), Tom Otis (3/09), Sarah Semmler Smith (3/12), and Dennis Meyette (3/15).


Pray for those waiting for medical test results. Give them peace of heart and mind during these challenging times. 


Pray for those participating in the Companion Synod Committee meeting as they nurture connections to the Lutheran Church in Tanzania with our congregations and the Synod. 


Pray for victims of gun violence. We ask that you touch our hearts with your love, heal our brokenness, and turn us away from violence toward peace. Help us to transform our own hearts and to seek peaceful ways of resolving our differences.


Pray for our synod staff as they meet today in Marquette.  May they be blessed by God in all they do and lead us as we spread God’s blessings throughout our Synod, nation and world. Pray also for those participating in the Synod Endowment committee meeting. 


Pray for all our ELCA seminaries and for all the seminary students. This month we especially lift up in prayer Katy Tomlanovich.


Pray for those dealing with compulsive gambling and the financial and psychological challenges this compulsion brings to them and their families. 


Pray for all individuals and congregations who are searching for ways to bring Jesus into the lives of the unchurched in their communities. Pray the unchurched recognize the intentional invitation is non-judgmental and genuine in its offering. 


Pray for all those participating in Faithful Innovations. Open their hearts and minds to the infinite ways in which we can proclaim and share God’s word. 


Pray that Jesus, the Light of the world will shine upon us, set us free by the truth he brings us and set our hearts on fire. (“Shine Jesus Shine” – Graham Kendrick)


Pray for our pastors who celebrate the anniversary of their ordination this month: Brahm Semmler Smith (3/13) Sarah Semmler Smith (3/13) Christina Forsythe (3/19) Soren Schmidt (3/20), and Rita Chirala (3/21).


Pray for all who have been displaced from their homes due to conflict, disaster, famine, or war; and for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service as they assist those who are seeking a new home.


Pray for patience as we grow tired of winter and long for an early spring. Open our eyes to the wonder of seasonal changes as nature awakens from its slumber. Pray that the Holy Spirit keeps us awake to God’s presence. 


Pray for those participating in the Christ’s Kaleidoscope meeting as they commit to seeing others through the eyes of Jesus. Open their hearts and minds as they focus on resources that educate and deepen cultural competency regarding racial equity, our Indigenous neighbors, and the LGBTQA+ community.


Pray for Bishop Finegan as she attends the Candidacy meeting in Marinette today and tomorrow to support and mentor our future pastoral leaders. 


Pray for all volunteers who share their time and talent within our churches, hospitals, nursing homes, civic organizations and within our general community. Bless this ministry of outreach as thy offer loving service to one another in your name. 


Pray for Reverend Jim Deuhring as participates in the Assistants to the Bishop Gathering in Minneapolis March 20-23.   


Pray for the sunlight and the rain that come with Spring.  May they be reminders that you are at work renewing the earth and you are ever present in our lives as we transition from the dark days of winter to the promise of Spring. 


Pray for Kijichi Lutheran Church, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and their NGLS mission partner First Lutheran Church, Gladstone.


On this World Water Day, pray for sustainable sources of clean drinking water for all people.


Pray for all people at a crossroads in their lives. Pray they take the path you are showing them even if it seems long. Lord, slow them down and teach them how to make decisions calmly.


Pray for our pastors who celebrate their birthdays this month: Doug Buck (3/24), Allan Johnson (3/25) and Scott Ehle (3/25).


Pray more people are inspired to pursue careers in health care. Bless those struggling with keeping up despite staffing shortages to stay the course knowing their skills are invaluable. 


Pray for all women, men, and children who are victims of domestic violence and abuse. May they receive the help they need to leave their abusive relationships and break the pattern of violence.


Pray for all those who have suffered losses from natural disasters and disasters brought on by human hands, and for Lutheran Disaster Response teams as they respond to those in need.


Pray for our synod staff as they meet today in Marquette.  May they be blessed by God in all they do and lead us as we spread God’s blessings throughout our Synod, nation and world.


Pray for the members of St. Luke- Cumberland, MD, St. Luke-Baltimore, MD, St. Luke- Frederick, MD, St. Luke (Hampden) Baltimore, MD, St. Luke-New Windsor, MD, and St. Luke (Parkville) Baltimore, MD. 


Pray for all dreamers who look to the future with promise and optimism even though they face insurmountable odds and barriers. Give them patience and persistence as they follow their hearts and trust their instincts. 


Pray for all the men and women across our synod who give their time, energy, and resources to their congregations, the NGLS and charitable organizations.

“We pray for congregations in the Delaware-Maryland Synod
as part of our domestic partner synod relationship.”


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