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A Year of Prayer

A Lifetime of Praying!

Prayer Calendar for December 2022


Pray for our Synod Staff as they meet today and close 2022 with reflections of gratitude for what has been accomplished in God’s name and for the promise of the new year. 


Pray for Bishop Katherine Finegan as she travels to and participates in the candidacy committee meeting today and tomorrow in Appleton. Prayers for all candidates for rostered ministry as they continue their preparation for serving God’s people.


Pray for pastors who celebrate the anniversary of their ordination this month: LaVonne Stephenson (12/3), Andrew Plocher (12/17), and Bucky Beach (12/21).


Second Sunday of Advent. Lord God, keep us aware of your presence in all we do. Fill our hearts with JOY so that we might live each day serving others, and in so doing, praising you. Enlighten us by your grace, so that peace reigns in our hearts.


Pray for pastors, lay ministers and deacons who celebrate their birthdays this month: Noreen Stevens (12/4), Kelly Ylitalo (12/8), Bill Wendorf (12/16), Evelyn Weston (12/16), David Johnson (12/18), and John Kuziej (12/20).


Pray for everyone participating in Christmas programs.  May every voice, large and small, be lifted in celebration of God’s greatest gift, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Pray for the members of Salem-Cantonsville, Baltimore MD; Salem – Jarrettsville, Jarrettsville, MD; Second English Lutheran Church, Baltimore MD; Shepherd of the Glen Lutheran Church, Glenwood MD; Spirit of Life Lutheran Church, Wilmington DE, and St. Abraham Lutheran Church, Beckleysville MD.


Pray for Seminarian Wade Crevier, that he may preach confidently, passionately minister and courageously lead.


Pray on this International Day of Commemoration & Dignity for all victims of genocide. May our prayers for world peace become a reality for those living in fear and hopelessness.


Pray for responsible gifting of pets on this International Animal Rights Day. Pray the person receiving this gift can care, provide, and have time for the animal. Pray all pets receive the attention they deserve during busy holidays.


Third Sunday of Advent. Enlighten us by your grace, so that peace reigns in our hearts. Dispel our darkness with the light of your presence. 


Pray that through God’s abundant grace and might, we will be free from the sin that binds us, and we may receive him in joy and serve him always.


Pray for church choirs and musicians as they share their special gifts with us during this holy season in sometimes new and extraordinary ways.


Pray we all find a way to give beyond this holiday season. There are ongoing needs throughout the year. Pray we give of ourselves, our time, and our possessions every day.


Pray for the campus ministry directors attending the Lutheran Campus Ministry meeting today at NMU as they share their insights, shape their message, and shine a light on the importance of God’s word for college students.


Pray for all couples who will become engaged this holiday season. May they recognize your presence in their relationship will strengthen their commitment.


Pray for individuals and families who experience sadness and isolation during a time when our culture shares and celebrates images of happiness and gathering.


Fourth Sunday of Advent Pray our hearts are filled to overflowing with love for you and for one another. Come into our waiting hearts that we may celebrate the miraculous day of your birth.


Pray for all who are traveling to be with loved ones.  May they have safe travels and happy homecomings.  May broken hearts be healed, weakened relationships strengthened and common bonds renewed.


Pray for all businesses that serve visitors and tourists as they prepare for a time of increased visits and needs.


Pray we are empowered to serve with gifts, both great and small. Pray we will not pass by a red kettle, ignore opportunities to support Toys for Tots or donate food to those in need.


Pray for the members of St. Andrew Church, Baltimore MD; St. Andrew Church, Dover MD; St. Benjamin Lutheran Church, Westminster MD, St. James – Union Bridge, Union Bridge MD, and St. John-Brooklyn Church (Washburn) Baltimore, MD.


Pray for the poor among us as they struggle to celebrate Christmas with few resources.  Pray also for refugees, asylum seekers, and those who are displaced, as they grieve what they have lost and work to rebuild their lives.


Pray for all who gather this day to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus. Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask You to stay, close by me forever and love me I pray.


ChristmasPray this day that the Prince of Peace may stir the hearts of people throughout the world, that we may bring about justice, righteousness, and peace for all people. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.


Pray all people recognize while Christmas may be over and the day after work begins, Jesus is with us always. This was God’s gift to the world for good times, for hard times and for all times.


Pray for our world leaders, medical providers, and researchers on this International Day of Epidemic Readiness. Open our hearts and minds to what we know to be true and may we resist disinformation and fear.


Pray that through faith, God will live in our hearts and the Holy Spirit will strengthen us.


Pray for all who long for food, shelter, love, and peace. May the light of cautious optimism shine bright and true in the new year.


Pray for world leaders as we look toward a new year. May we work together in new ways and care for the creation God has given to us. May our world be changed by the one who welcomed all without conditions.


Pray for those celebrating the countdown to the New Year. Bless law enforcement on this busy night. Give us reason to hope for safety, health and happiness.

“We pray for congregations in the Delaware-Maryland Synod
as part of our domestic partner synod relationship.”


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