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Prayer Calendar for February 2021

01 Pray for our Synod Endowment Fund Board as they meet today to manage the endowment funds and further our mission and ministry in God’s name.
02 Pray for all our African American brothers and sisters as they celebrate their heritage during African American History Month.
03 Pray for pastors and licensed lay ministers who celebrate birthdays this month: Bob Langseth (2/03), Doug Norquist (2/10), Craig Mansur (2/12), Doug Schoen (2/14), Don Ludemann (2/14), and Michael Holman (2/14).
04 Pray for our Synod Staff as they meet today at our Synod Office in Marquette and continue to coordinate the ministries that happen around our Synod.
Pray also for those gathering online for the Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza today through February 6.
05 Pray for the poor in our neighborhoods and communities – those who shiver in the cold outside because they are homeless or inside because they cannot afford to heat their homes, those who have to choose between food and medication, those who make terrible choices between necessities because they cannot afford all that they need.
06 As so many prepare for their feast tomorrow on Super Bowl Sunday, pray that we will all be generous in our giving for Souper Bowl offerings and our support of local, national, and global hunger programs.
07 Pray for Lori Ward as she is ordained into Ministry of Word and Service today. May God bless Deacon Lori as she continues her ministry in our Synod.
08 Pray for all the Rostered Leaders in our Synod, especially those attending the Theological Leaders Event online today and the Rev. Dr. Joy J. Moore as she leads them in their time of study and fellowship.
09 Pray for pastors who celebrate the anniversary of their ordination this month: Steven Solberg (2/12), and Chrys Hendrick (2/14).
10 Pray for the members of Salem Lutheran Church, Jarrettsville, MD; Second English Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD; Shepherd of the Glen Lutheran Church, Glenwood, MD; & Spirit of Life Lutheran Church, Wilmington, DE.
11 Pray for all those participating in the Leaving a Legacy Workshops today and on the 13th. May we all learn to be generous now and in the future.
12 Pray for pastors who celebrate birthdays this month: Brenda Greenwald (2/16), Andrew Plocher (2/17), Christine Thomas-Echelbarger (2/22), Les Niemi (2/25), and Wally Leno (2/27).
13 Pray for homeless shelters and food pantries as they care for those in need.
14 On this Valentine’s Day, pray for all couples that their love will grow. Pray also for those who are lonely, alone, and/or missing loved ones that they will find comfort and companionship.
15 On this President’s Day, pray for our current president Joe Biden – that he will lead our nation with compassion for all and will work for equity and justice in our nation and in our world. Pray also for Vice President Kamala Harris as she works with the president and other elected national leaders.
16 Pray for our Synod Staff as they meet today at our Synod Office in Marquette – that they may be blessed by God in all they do and lead us as we spread God’s blessings throughout our Synod, nation, and world.
17 ash wednesdayPray a prayer of repentance for yourself and lift up all Christians as we reflect on our journey to the cross. May this Lenten pilgrimage help us to grow in our faith and our ability to live out God’s abiding love in our lives.
18 Pray for our Synod Leadership Support Committee as they meet today and discern how to support our Rostered Leaders in their varied ministries.
19 Pray for all our ELCA Seminaries and for all the seminary students. This month we lift up in prayer Micah Cavaleri from our synod.
20 On this World Day for Social Justice, pray for all who have suffered injustice and oppression due to their identity. Pray also for all who are advocates for those who have suffered at the hands of others, and for those who work to change our social systems and government programs.
21 Pray for the members of St. Abraham Lutheran Church, Beckleysville, MD; St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD; St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Dover, DE; and St. Benjamin Lutheran Church, Westminster, MD.
22 Pray for the members of Mtoni Lutheran Church, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and their NGLS mission partner Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Marquette.
23 Pray for all those enjoying the outdoor winter activities that make our Synod such a beautiful and special place to be even when it’s cold outside.
24 Pray for worship leaders, musicians, and ministry techs as they continue to adapt to the needs of congregation members and adapt worship to the changing times around us.
25 Pray for all those families and children who are not getting enough to eat. Raise up congregations and local programs to help them understand proper nutrition and provide them with nutritious meals.
26 Pray for all those families and individuals dealing with any of the various types of mental illness. Pray also that all levels of government will provide resources to keep patients safe and provide effective treatment for them.
27 Pray for all who participate in text studies as they preach the Good News in congregations, schools, care facilities, and other settings around our Synod.
28 Pray for artists who share their wonders with the world – that we may all see God’s creative ways reflected in their gifts shared with us.
  “We pray for congregations in the Delaware-Maryland Synod
as part of our domestic partner synod relationship.”

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