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Guidelines for Prayfaithfully.org Devotions

1. How to write a devotional: 

    1. Unless otherwise directed you are writing one week (seven days) of devotions.  Your devotions can each be independent, or you can write a series covering the week.
    2. Pick your own Bible passage(s).
    3. Reflect on the passage; perhaps share your thoughts with a friend or two.
    4. Pray!
    5. Write a paragraph or two.
    6. Don’t preach!  Share!
    7. Conclude with prayer.

2. As you write your devotional:

    1. Simple language is best.
    2. There is no limit on the length of your devotional, but consider what people will be willing to read.
    3. Watch your grammar and spelling carefully!  Have someone proofread your material before sending it.  We will proof your copy, but if we can’t figure out what you mean to say, we will have to guess!
    4. Materials taken from other sources must be properly attributed.  Material that is under copyright protection cannot be quoted without the permission of the author or copyright holder.
    5. Remember that this is a site for devotions, not political agendas or speeches.
    6. In writing your devotional, respect those who may have opinions and beliefs that differ from yours.

3. When you submit your devotional:

      1. Devotions are best submitted in a simple format without extra lines and spaces.
      2. Devotions are best submitted as Word 2007 file, or in the body of an e-mail.  Do not send as .pdf files.
      3. Devotions are to be submitted the Tuesday before publication.

Prayfaithfully.org reserves the right to edit or refuse any devotional considered inappropriate.

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