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2018 Mission Support Chart

Then Hezekiah said, “You have now consecrated yourselves to the Lord;
come near, bring sacrifices and thank offerings to the house of the Lord.”
The assembly brought sacrifices and thank offerings;
and all who were of a willing heart brought burnt offerings.
The number of the burnt offerings that the assembly brought was seventy bulls,
one hundred rams, and two hundred lambs;
all these were for a burnt offering to the Lord.
And Hezekiah and all the people rejoiced
because of what God had done for the people.

~II Chronicles 29: 31-32,36a

Dear Partners in Ministry,

From the very beginning of the story of salvation, people have been giving thanks to God for all that God has done.  It used to be that people brought a portion of their wealth to the place of worship and burnt it all up on the altar.  Bulls, rams, and lambs went up in flames.

Today, we find a more productive use for our offerings.  And our wealth is no longer held in sheep and goats but in our finances.  Rather than burn up what has been gathered in the offering plate, we, with our willing hearts, commend a portion of our wealth to the work of Christ in and through our congregations.

Part of that work is what we do together as congregations partnered in a common effort.  Together, we make up what we call the Synod.  With willing hearts, you give a portion of your wealth to your church, and the church gives a portion of its wealth to our work together as the Synod, and the Synod gives a portion of its wealth to the larger work of the church through the ELCA.

Like the ancient people of faith who heard the prophet Hezekiah, we too have consecrated ourselves to the Lord.  We give because we want to respond.  We give because we want our offerings to make a difference in the world for Jesus’ sake.  And like our ancestors in the faith, we rejoice because of what God has done for the people.

And what has God done with your offerings this past year?

Below is a pie chart giving you an overview of how each cent of every dollar has been spent. But this chart only scratches the surface of the story.

Your offerings to the Synod help support Lutheran Campus Ministry which bears the presence of Christ to young adults who attend public colleges in our area. Your offerings provide the tools necessary for the office staff to do their work: generate newsletters and all communications.  Your offerings provide mileage for staff and volunteers who plan programs and events, and pay for utilities, office supplies, website maintenance, and much more.

Almost half of the offerings that you give the Synod, the Synod gives to the ELCA.  Your offerings help support Global Mission, seminaries and pastoral leader development, advocacy, Women of the ELCA, missionaries both domestic and worldwide, and much more.

Recently a mailing was sent with your pledge letter to the larger work of the church.  The amount noted is a slight increase of what you pledged last year. Please complete and return your pledge to the Synod Office by 1/31/18.

As we once again consecrate ourselves to the Lord and the work of Christ, we offer with willing hearts a portion of what God has first given us.  And instead of burning it up, we put it to good use even as we rejoice that God in Christ Jesus not only lives, but lives in and through us.

Your Partner in Christ,
Bishop Katherine Finegan

Mission Support 2018 Chart

Every $1.00 of unrestricted mission support entrusted by your congregation to the Synod is used:

Mission Support 2018 Chart

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