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ELCA CampaignELCA Resources

ELCA Stewardship Website: www.elca.org/stewardship

Stewardship is using, sharing, conserving, and offering what God has given us in ways that are pleasing to God, honoring God from whom all blessings flow, and consistent with loving our neighbor.

There are a variety of stewardship resources available through the ELCA:

Stories of Faith in Action – Powerful stories of how ministries throughout the ELCA are making a difference. Click to download

Make It Simple – A congregational stewardship resource to assist you in stewardship education and annual response.

Stewardship Now – Use this on-line newsletter to inspire your congregation’s leadership and stewardship committee. Share your favorite sections as part of your meeting’s opening devotions. Reprint portions of it in your congregation’s newsletter (including credit line). Incorporate portions into your sermons.

Sermon Starters – Lectionary notes are offered as sermon starters for pastors and other preachers/teachers who base their weekly proclamation on the progression of the lectionary through the church year.

Cheerful Givers – We’ve been told this since our days in Sunday School: We want to give and we need to give gladly. A spirit of generosity isn’t enough to guide us in our decisions. What else dews Scripture have to say on the subject? Three kinds of financial giving are mentioned in the Bible: offerings, tithes and alms. Understanding what they mean helps us achieve a thoughtful, balance plan for our cheerful giving.

Competencies in a Well-Formed Stewardship Leader – Competencies are one way of thinking about the attributes or assets of a well-formed stewardship leader. The emphasis is on the growth of individuals who become healthy steward leaders, and shape stewardship ministry in the congregation and beyond. Pamphlets are available on competencies for rostered leaders and lay leaders.

A resource from Living Lutheran that congregations can use to teach their folks about what Mission Support is and how it helps hold together our three-expression church. The PDF contains an article about Mission Support and a study guide that helps congregations go deeper. > click here to download

Many other resources are available on the ELCA Stewardship Website either as free downloads or with a link for ordering. Check it out!

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