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Funding The Mission

Why We Give

Our financial generosity is an expression of our love for God, for our neighbor and for ourselves.  We are new people in Christ:  compassionate and eager to share.

As members of the ELCA, our faith in a loving God frees us to be bold and courageous, open to the Holy Spirit’s invitation to be active in the world.

Mission Support – the portion of our regular offerings that our congregations share with synods and the churchwide organization – unites us in this vital, life-giving work.  Mission Support makes it possible for ELCA members from Alaska to the Caribbean to be responsive as one church to exciting new opportunities for ministry.

More than 68% of the revenue for churchwide ministries comes from Mission Support.  It continues to be the most important source of income for the work of the larger ELCA. Your generosity makes this possible.

Where Your Offering Goes

Your congregation shares a portion of this offering – called Mission Support – with the other two expressions of this church. Mission Support is the lifeblood of the work that God does through the ELCA.  In your congregation you support ministry within your congregation and local outreach in your community.

Your synod supports congregations and rostered leaders as they work in their communities and throughout the world.

Your churchwide organization responds to local and worldwide ministry opportunities, helping to feed those who are hungry, train future leaders and advocate for justice on behalf of your neighbors around the globe.

Some Mission Support funds may return to your congregation in the form of grants, services, programs, or resources.

In 2017, ELCA members gave $1.8 billion in unrestricted offerings to support God’s mission and ministry through the three expressions of the ELCA.  Thank you for your generosity!


Some of your money is used:

  • for ministry within the congregation
  • for local ministries supported by your congregation


Some of your money is shared with your Synod (mission support):


Then the Synod shares some of your money with the ELCA Churchwide organization.


Some Churchwide funds come back to your congregation in the way of grants, services, programs, and resources.

When we work in partnership and share our contributions,
we accomplish great things together!
Thank You

A resource from Living Lutheran that congregations can use to teach their folks about what Mission Support is and how it helps hold together our three-expression church. The PDF contains an article about Mission Support and a study guide that helps congregations go deeper. > click here to download

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