Series Syllabus and information

Class #1, January 16: 

The importance of the land for Native Americans. Native American theology, creation stories, and cultural traditions around the use and care of the land. Similarities and differences with Christian theology and creation stories. Beginning to get at the question of why developed a land acknowledgement might be important for us to do as (Lutheran) Christians.

Class #2, January 23:  

The Story of the Land in North America and the people who live there. From the Doctrine of Discovery to the fur trade, westward expansion and the Indian wars, reservations and treaties—how we came to this point.  Land acknowledgments as a re-framing of US History.

Class #3, January 30:

Getting practical: HOW to develop and use a land acknowledgment in congregation practice. Discussion, resources and examples of how to accurately and respectfully draft a land acknowledgement, and how to introduce its use and incorporate it in congregation life.

Class #4: Session 4, February 6:

WHAT’S NEXT? Discussion, resources and examples of restorative actions in further relationship with our indigenous neighbors. How do we build relationship after developing a land acknowledgment practice (likely a first step for many of us). We’ll focus on both ELCA resources for truth seeking and telling, national/regional reparations/land back movements as well as focus on local opportunities for accompaniment and deeper congregational practice and worship components.